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9. Management

Key Concepts

project life cycle
in-house vs. outsource
in-house facility
project budgets
project monitoring
looking beyond

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Institutions inaugurating digital imaging initiatives must address managerial issues. These can be characterized variously, but they all boil down to correlating resources and processes with project goals. Project goals, such as enhancing access or promoting efficiencies must be translated into project deliverables, such as digital image files, accompanying metadata, and Web-accessible databases. A manager will have a greater chance of completing the project successfully if she has a hand in defining project goals and deliverables. The figure below places goals and deliverables at the center of project management. Radiating out from them are institutional resources, including collections, personnel, finances, space, time, and technical capabilities. These elements will enhance or constrain digitization efforts. The outer circle represents the processes or steps that encompass digital imaging initiatives.

Management Wheel: The figure demonstrates the organic nature of digital imaging, with interdependencies connecting goals, resources, and processes.

Among responsibilities that fall to project managers are the following:

  • Setting realistic timelines, objectives, and expectations
  • Determining the best approach for accomplishing project goals
  • Developing and defending budgets
  • Facilitating communication among project participants, including outside vendors
  • Monitoring production, quality, and costs
  • Looking beyond project's end

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