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6C. Technical Infrastructure:

Key Concepts

keeping track

image databases
storage types
storage needs




File management consists of a set of interrelated steps designed to ensure that files can be readily identified, organized, accessed, and maintained. Since there are strong connections between various aspects of file management, plan ahead to avoid making decisions that limit options later on. It is especially important to keep lines of communication open between technical staff and project staff during the planning stage.

File management steps examined here include:

  • Keeping track (basic file system considerations). Another aspect of keeping track is covered in Metadata.
  • Image databases and other image management solutions (special software for organizing image files)
  • Storage (devices and media)
  • Maintenance (backup, migration, preservation, and security) is addressed in Digital Preservation)

Default file and directory naming schemes are rarely optimal for a specific collection. Sound decisions about files and directories can help minimize chaos, especially for very large collections. To some degree, the nature of the material being scanned will suggest organizing principles. Serials are often divided into volumes and issues, monographs have page numbers, manuscript or photograph collections have folder or accession numbers, etc. In most cases, some aspect of these physical organizing principles can be translated into file system organization.

Follow some basic file system recommendations:

  • Use a file naming scheme that is compatible with whatever operating systems and storage media you plan to use
  • Use standard file extensions for different file types
  • Don't overload directories with too many files
  • Rely on storage management software to manage large collections across multiple physical disk drives
  • Allow for generous amounts of collection growth

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