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Besser, Howard and Jennifer Trant. Introduction to Imaging. Santa Monica, CA: The Getty Art History Information Program, 1995. Introduces digital imaging technology and vocabulary as they relate to the development of image databases, and outlines the areas in which institutional strategies regarding the use of imaging technologies must be developed.

Kenney, Anne R. and Stephen Chapman. Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Library, 1996. (available only in print - order information)
Provides an introduction to the central issues associated with the use of digital imaging technology in libraries and archives, including a theoretical and technological overview. Advocates a common vocabulary and set of perspectives from conversion to presentation.

Arts and Humanities Data Service, AHDS Publications
Offers several series that address creation, management, and distribution of digital image collections. The Guides to Good Practice series is particularly useful, providing practical instruction in applying standards and good practice to the creation and use of digital resources.

Colorado Digitization Project, Digital Toolbox
Provides links to general resources, bibliographies, initiatives, and clearinghouses on selection, scanning, quality control, metadata creation, and other project management issues. Also offers a glossary of digital imaging terms.

eLib Supporting Studies, Preservation Studies
Managed by the British Library Research and Innovation Centre, offers several reports on creating and preserving digital image collections. One of the goals is to compare various digital preservation strategies for different data types and formats.

Northeast Document Conservation Center. Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for Preservation and Access. Andover, MA, 1996-2000. Given at NEDCC's school for scanning conferences.

PADI: Preserving Access to Digital Information
The National Library of Australia's PADI site, offers a subject gateway to digital preservation resources. Includes current information on digital preservation-related events, organizations, policies, strategies, and guidelines. Also includes glossaries of terms that are relevant to digital information.

PRESERV-The RLG Preservation Program
Offers supporting materials, such as RLG project reports and the bimonthly RLG DigiNews to support institutions in their efforts to preserve and improve access to endangered research materials. The "RLG Tools for Imaging" section includes a worksheet for estimating digital reformatting costs, and guidelines for creating RFPs for digital imaging services.

TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images)
Funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (UK), provides information on creating, storing, and delivering digital image collections. Also lists events and information resources of interest to those involved in digital imaging initiatives.

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