This tutorial offers base-level information on the use of digital imaging to convert and make accessible cultural heritage materials. It also introduces some concepts advocated by Cornell University Library, in particular the value of benchmarking requirements before undertaking a digital initiative. You will find here up-to-date technical information, formulas, and reality checks, designed to test your level of understanding.

The tutorial can stand on its own, but it is intended to be used in tandem with another product, Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives, by Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger (RLG, 2000). This publication picks up where the tutorial leaves off and advocates an integrated approach to digital imaging programs, from selection to access to preservation and management. Over 50 international experts contributed to the intellectual content of this book.

You will note that at certain points within this National Endowment for the Humanities funded tutorial, we invite reader comments and suggestions. In particular, we are aware that the presentation is US-centric, and with your help we seek to augment that perspective to provide a broader international focus. We look forward to hearing from you!



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