Descriptive Metadata describing and identifying information resources
  • at the local (system) level to enable searching and retrieving (e.g., searching an image collection to find paintings of animals)
  • at the Web-level, enables users to discover resources (e.g., search the Web to find digitized collections of poetry).
  • unique identifiers (PURL, Handle)
  • physical attributes (media, dimensions condition)
  • bibliographic attributes (title, author/creator, language, keywords)

PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator)
Dublin Core
HTML Meta Tags

controlled vocabularies such as:
Art and Architecture Thesaurus
Categories for the Description of Works of Art

Structural Metadata

facilitates navigation and presentation of electronic resources

  • provides information about the internal structure of resources including page, section, chapter numbering, indexes, and table of contents
  • describes relationship among materials (e.g., photograph B was included in manuscript A)
  • binds the related files and scripts (e.g., File A is the JPEG format of the archival image File B)
structuring tags such as title page, table of contents, chapters, parts, errata, index, sub-object relationship (e.g., photograph from a diary) SGML
Encoded Archival Description (EAD)
MOA2, Structural Metadata Elements
Electronic Binding (Ebind)
Administrative Metadata

facilitates both short-term and long-term management and processing of digital collections

  • includes technical data on creation and quality control
  • includes rights management, access control and use requirements
  • preservation action information
Technical data such as scanner type and model, resolution, bit depth, color space, file format, compression, light source, owner, copyright date, copying and distribution limitations, license information, preservation activities (refreshing cycles, migration, etc.) MOA2, Administrative Metadata Elements
National Library of Australia, Preservation Metadata for Digital Collections

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